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Professional Designers For Creative Architecture

Aban office was established by Eng. Muhammad Al-Mutlaq in early 2019 to be a specialist in the field of planning, designing and executing architectural projects and interior designs, so that the office was distinguished within a short period of its high quality and professional projects to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction in the Kingdom.

  • Rapid Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • End To End Solutions
  • Calculation Of Financial Costs
  • Schedules

our Vision

With our architectural and interior designs and professional project management, we build the land that Allah has bequeathed us.

Our Message

We draw with the touch of an artist and shape with precision and then build the land with the same beauty that sustains us.

Our Mission

Sustainable development by leveraging all human and financial resources and delivering the best engineering projects.

Our Objectives

    • Hard work and mastery.
    • Timely delivery compliance.
    • Distinguished services.
    • Credibility and honesty.
    • Integrity and transparency.
    • Unified Task Force.
    • Commitment and responsibility.
    • Customer care.

Our Values

    Aban Engineering uses Agile & Hybrid to manage professional projects, which are the best and most up-to-date to manage engineering projects.

    Rapid change management

    End-to-end solutions

    Risk management


    Calculation of financial costs

We draw with art, shape accurately, and then populate the land with the same beauty that sustains us

Mohamed Almutlaq

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